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Don't Worry About Dying. Worry About Not Living

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Are you afraid to live?

If you answered straight away, then your ego answered, not the real you.

So slow down, tune into your feelings (which is where your truth lies) and FEEL your answer.

Consider what your life would look like if you had no fear of doing all the things you wanted to do, of acting completely liberated from embarrassment or shame or the tyranny of others opinions about you.

How ‘unleashed’ would you feel, would you act, would you BE?

The tragic truth is that almost everyone is afraid to fully and truly live. Afraid of what might go wrong, of losing what they currently have, of being vulnerable, afraid of what others would say or think about them.

Your fear of truly living with the handbrake off means that you are living a lie, that you are living INAUTHENTICALLY.

Because as a result of this fear you are not being who you really are or fully expressing who you are.

In some way shape or form you are shading the truth about yourself, hiding yourself (in part or in whole) away, living as less than you really are.

No-one, maybe not even you yourself are ever meeting the real you, you are never really showing up in the world as the real you.

You are living a lie. You may be doing it by accident, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are never showing the real you.

After my divorce I realised that I had spent years and years living within a prison of my own making. 

I vowed that I would never, ever, ever again, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be afraid to truly live ever again.

That meant completely shedding any fear of shame or embarrassment. 

That meant being fully, 100% who I was and fully expressing who I was 100% no matter what.

It meant making myself open and vulnerable to others.

It meant putting myself out there in the world, unmasked, uncloaked.

It meant never again second guessing what I should think, should say or should do in reference to how others may respond. 

I genuinely struggle to put into words how much happier I am as a result. 

Take the handbrake off, rip it off. 

And then, just gift yourself one day where you live your life 100%. See how wonderful it feels.


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