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There's Nothing Wrong with You, You're Not Broken And You Don't Need Fixing...

After finding myself at my absolute lowest point, I went on a mission to discover the secrets to creating the unstoppable self-confidence of the 1%.

That most teaching on confidence and success was not only wrong but completely backwards and so ended up being destructive instead of beneficial. 

And that with the secrets I discovered I found that anyone could transform their confidence and success, permanently and FAST. 

Through 2 brilliant mentors, I learned the secrets of the mindset of the 1%. I learnt that change doesn’t have to take a long time and isn’t difficult. 

  • I learnt that confidence and success are a choice available to anyone. 

And on this journey I found my purpose and my mission - to share these secrets with anyone who wants to learn and transform their sense of themselves and their success in life. 


Lou Jones, UK

The changes are incredible. Like, really mind blowing. I’m 100% more confident than I was, I have no issue dealing with difficult situations or people. I love myself instead of loathe and now can pass this thinking onto others on a daily basis.

Timothy Mclaughlin, USA

Andrew changed my thinking forever. He was able to help me with my mindset, my thinking and help me get over some insecurities I had. Since reading his book, I’ve been able to see my goals, get rid of limiting beliefs and push through fear.

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Who Is Andrew Leedham And How Does He Know About This Stuff?

A few years ago I went on an incredible journey.

At the time it was a journey that I absolutely didn’t want. In fact I thought it was pretty much the worst possible thing that could have happened to me. 

My marriage was over and I was facing a very difficult divorce. I also knew that it was likely that I would lose most of my access to my children, I would lose nearly all the wealth I had at the time as well as my home.

I could see nothing good coming from that situation, only pain and difficulty, only an outcome that would make my life much harder and much less of the life I thought I wanted.

But most importantly I had completely lost myself. My whole sense of myself had been crumbling during the final part of my marriage. To the point where I no longer even really knew who I was.

For so much of my life I had had bulletproof confidence. I know who I was and liked who I was. I achieved some incredible things, been financially very successful, had great relationships, great friends and family and had amazing adventures. I’d achieved my dream of becoming a millionaire. 

I knew who I was and liked who I was. I liked being me.

Yet, at the point my marriage ended I felt like a shadow of that person, hollowed and empty. Ashamed of the life that I was living and the person I had become. I felt that there was something fundamentally and uniquely wrong with me and that if people saw who I really was underneath the mask that I presented they would be horrified.

Most of the therapists that we had seen during the last stages of our marriage had only succeeded in making it even worse. And had, in the process, made me feel awful, deeply inadequate as a husband, as a man and as an individual. 

I remember thinking that if everything that those therapists had told me was true, then there was so much wrong with me, that there wasn’t enough time left in my life to fix it all.

I remember all of these thoughts just pouring out of me in my first session session with my coach and friend Stephen Hedger.  And that was when Stephen said the words that changed everything for me.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not broken and you don’t need fixing”

That was the turning point.

Andrew with his daughters Lara and Ava

Over the next 3 months I went on an incredible journey where I completely rebuilt myself. My confidence went from an all-time low to being completely indestructible. 

Alongside working with Stephen, my great friend and mentor Andy Shaw was emailing me regularly. He coached me through my divorce, helped me regain control of my mind and worked with me to get out of my own way. He showed me the mindset of the 1%. 

By working with Stephen and Andy together my journey back to confidence turned from decades into days. 


I had regained and reconnected with my natural confidence and success mindset. The one we are all born with, including you

I had dropped all the bullshit negative illusions and self-limiting beliefs that had kept me trapped in a vicious cycle of negative thinking, bad feelings and low confidence. 

All the self-judgement, all the dispiriting self-talk that kept me playing small and trapped. All the sense that there was something horribly and uniquely flawed about me, that I was somehow different from everyone else, just fell away. 

Through this process, through these two brilliant, wonderful mentors, I discovered the blueprint for creating indestructible, unstoppable self- confidence and incredible success at everything you want in life. And most importantly the way to stay there permanently. 

And I knew that this knowledge was so incredible and so powerful that I needed to share it with others.

I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you, that you are not broken and that you don’t need fixing.

To see that anyone can join the 1%, IF they do the right things in the right order. It is simply a process.

That you don’t learn to be confident and successful, you unlearn all the bad teaching, backwards thinking and sabotaging social conditioning that keeps 99% of stuck and playing small.

And that when you do this you re-connect with your natural confidence and success mindset, the one we were all born with, including you.

When you do, you unleash your natural talents and gifts, you unleash your ability to create the life you want to live and to become the person you want to be.

And that’s the blueprint I will show you.

My best wishes




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