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Everything You Need Is Already Inside You

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Who’s the person you see when you daydream about the greatest vision of the most incredible version of yourself?

What’s that person like?

How do they look in your mind, how do they think, how do they act, how do they move through life?

What life are they living?

Have they created the life they dream of living on their terms, according to their design?

Or have they settled, played small, operating within their comfort zone?

Well that vision you’ve just daydreamed about is the real you.

It is who you are not only able to be but it is who you are MEANT TO BE.

The only reason that you are not living as that person and creating that life RIGHT NOW is because you’ve been taught a series of limiting lies, a whole set of false ways of seeing yourself and your place in the world, a whole series of artificial constraints about who you should be, what you should do and how you should live.

Each one of these lies and pieces of bad programming that you took on board placed another limit, another constraint on your life.

Each step in your ‘education’ actually give you a set of limits instead of a world of possibilities.

Your programming, socialisation and education actually served to imprison you instead of setting you free.

The truth about you, the truth that has always been the case and ALWAYS WILL BE THE CASE, is that your potential is essentially unlimited.

That your dreams and desires, far from being unobtainable are a matter of choice, once you get out of your own way.

That you are ONLY capable of having dreams and desires that you have EVERYTHING you need to create.

You are not small, you have been taught to play small.

The question you, like everyone else, faces today, right now in this moment, is do I want to play small or do I want to unleash the incredible potential that YOU KNOW exists within you.

To live as that person you daydream about, in the life that you dream of.

If you set yourself free of the bad thinking, that is no longer a possibility, but a PROBABILITY.

You have everything you need, you always did.

You only have to unleash it.


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