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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Comfort is the enemy of progress ~ Unknown

When was the last time you got uncomfortable?

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When you took yourself outside your ‘normal’ routine, your normal boundaries, your normal rules?

You may have heard the quote that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And it’s completely true.

To build the life you dream of and to become the person you want to be, will require you to act in ways different to those you have so far.

But what holds many people back form actually making these changes that would deliver them so much benefit, happiness and joy is the sense that being outside your comfort zone is difficult, hard work, somehow painful.

But what if that isn’t true.

Like so many things that hold most people back, it is small misunderstandings and the wrong labels that create MASSIVE problems.

My mentor Stephen once told that change itself was easy. The problem was getting people to the point where they FELT SAFE to change.

Whilst getting outside your comfort zone if a case in point.

I learned that my ‘comfort zone’ was anything but comfortable. That I had in fact fallen for the bullshit lie that it was ‘comfortable’ that 99% of people fall for.

In truth it was seriously hard work, limiting, stifling and created a world that shrunk a little more each day.

My comfort zone was a prison, not a place of safety. That it was simply familiar, instead of happy.

It was a trap, something that absolutely for 100% certain would look to keep me away from the adventures, joy, love, happiness, excitement and wonder that awaited me if I simply stepped out of the prison.

That outside this prison (what the world falsely calls a ‘comfort zone’) was where my greatest happiness and fulfilment, MY GREATEST LIFE, was to be found.

All that this prison offered me was familiarity, NOTHING MORE.

So see your comfort zone for what it is, a prison that keeps you locked away from the life you want.

And then consider how much you want to stay there really. 


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