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How To Stop Overthinking

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

If you’re overthinking, you’re underdoing – Unknown

Overthinking is a cancer that will kill your dream dead.

It will stop you from taking the steps you need to take in order to become who you want to be and to create the life you want to live.

Your ego (that negative, sabotaging voice in your head0 will tell you that you ‘aren’t safe’ to move forward until things are ‘certain’.

But certainty in life is a myth. It doesn’t exist no matter what anyone tells you.

When you search for certainty, what it really means is that you don’t yet trust that you can handle whatever happens.

That if things don’t turn out 100% as you have predetermined they should then that will be ‘bad’.

This is what creates analysis paralysis. That destructive thought pattern where you feel you need to think through every possible step and every possible outcome of every possible step before you move forward.

But we don’t control the world ‘out there’. We cannot (and should not want to) control other people’s choices, decisions and actions.

Which means that you can’t possibly know every possible step and every possible outcome.

What if instead of seeking out a false certainty, you instead relaxed into the uncertainty of life.

You accepted completely that the only thing you can control is yourself. Your thoughts, you choices and your actions.

What if you knew the truth that life is ALWAYS on your side and ALWAYS works out for the best. Even (and often especially) when the things we judge as ‘bad’ happen.

That if things turn out differently than you planned, then that is for your highest good.

And that any problems are not disasters, but simply situations to deal with. And you will handle it, no matter what. 

After all you’ve survived 100% of the worst days of your life.

Then instead of endless analysis (which is simply the ILLUSION of progress) you could actually take the first step towards the life you want.

And then the next and then the next.

Then you could start to create positive FACTS in your life instead of being stuck analysing ‘what ifs’.

You could create positive change instead of more overthinking.

Relax into the uncertainty of life.

It really is ALWAYS on your side.


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