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How To Turn Your Setback Into Your Comeback

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Success isn’t a smooth, clear path.

It is a twisty, meandering path, full of obstacles and challenges.

Full of detours that look like the ‘short cut’ but which will simply delay you on your journey.

Those obstacles, challenges and detours are not to be feared though. Far from it.

They are your friends, even if they look like something the world considers bad.

Each of those obstacles and setbacks and failures are your GREATEST TEACHERS, giving you exactly what you need, teaching you exactly what you need to learn in order to progress to the next level in your life.

You cannot make the next level of your life a success UNTIL you’ve learnt those lessons, gained the experience and wisdom you REQUIRE, mastered the skills you need to master.

Then you are ready and prepared for the next level. Then the process repeats.

There is no magical time when ‘problems’ and challenges fall away. But nor (despite appearances) do you want them too.

Because each new challenge you tackle gives you more and more of what you need in order to become who you want be and to create the life you want to live.

This is why your comfort zone is your real enemy (which most of the world sees as a warm and welcoming place to be).

Your challenges reveal and develop your talents, your comfort zone causes them to wither and atrophy. 

This is why it is so, so, so important to focus on observation and consideration instead of judgement.

Observation and consideration will help you see the truth and your setback and challenges. Will help you see the gifts, the breathtaking, incredible gifts, you are being given.

Judgement will cause you to dismiss things as ‘all bad’ and so miss those gifts.

My brilliant coach Stephen once told me that the only people without problems were dead people.

But that I should embrace this understanding instead of fearing it.

Because my ‘problems’ were in fact lighting the path to the life I dreamed of.

So embrace your challenges.

They really are your very best friends. 


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