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No-One Else Will Believe In You Until You Believe In You

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

For a very long time one of the things that held me back was a need for others to have faith in me.

I needed others to tell me I could do something before I KNEW I could do something.

In effect I needed the permission of others to go after my dreams and desires.

Somehow even though I wanted to believe (be very, very careful with that word) that I could do or achieve something, I only really gave myself permission to move forwards when others told me I was ‘good enough’ to.

The problem with that thinking, as you may have noticed, is that you are making yourself and your life dependent on the opinion of others.

They have the power to push you forwards or hold you back. Which makes you (and made me) a puppet.

But here’s the thing.

So often that ‘belief’ that they offer or decline to offer to you is essentially a reflection of what they believe they can achieve themselves.

It isn’t a reflection of YOUR talents, capabilities and potential. It is a reflection of their opinion of their own.

When I unhooked my sense of who I was and what I could achieve from what anyone else thought, my results transformed.

My capabilities, talents and potential hadn’t changed. 

It was simply that the power to UNLEASH them was no longer dependent on other people.

I gave myself back full control over my choices and how far I would go.

More importantly I made myself 100% responsible for how far I would go. 

I stopped being a victim and started living as the decider and chooser that we all are.

Some people will think you are great, talented, wonderful and full of potential. And others will think (whether they tell you or not) that you don’t have what it takes.

I wasted too much of my life playing small and holding back.

So my choice now is to embrace the greatness within me (just as there is greatness within you).

What matters, as always, is what YOU CHOOSE.


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