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The Lie That Anyone Is Born A Winner

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Do you think that life is something that happens to you or BY YOU?

Do you disable yourself, DISEMPOWER YOURSELF, by telling yourself the lie that you are not ‘one of those people’ that success happens to?

Most people make themselves a victim of their circumstances.

They decide that their life is largely or fully predetermined at their birth by their circumstances, their talents, their looks, their intelligence etc

So they defeat themselves before they even start through their choices that align with that view.

They tell themselves another bullshit self limiting lie that keeps them playing small, weak and passive.

They ignore the clear and obvious truth that every successful person has been what most people would call at a ‘loser’ at some point in their lives, usually many times.

Show me a successful person and I will show you someone who has been defeated, lost, fallen down, made mistakes, failed (often spectacularly) and experienced incredible low points. 

But the difference between the 1% who make it and the 99% who don’t is a choice.

A choice (and it is always a choice) to not (and never) be defined by those circumstances. 

The 1% refuse to be passive victims.

They mine each and every ‘bad’ experience for every possible resource to propel them forwards.

They turned their setbacks into the platform for their future success.

They become MORE through difficult circumstances rather than less.

They used what the world calls failure and rejection to become stronger, better and wiser.

Can you see that your circumstances do not define your ultimate success or failure in life?

Can you see how the quality of your life is a choice.

No matter your circumstances, how much you get to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be is determined by your decisions not your circumstances.

The choices the 1% make are as available to you as they were to them.

So the only real question is what choice will you make?


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