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Why It's Ok To be Selfish

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

There’s a very big difference between being what the world calls ‘selfish’ and not caring about others.

And not understanding this difference can destroy your self esteem.

Nearly everyone is taught that being selfish is wrong, plain and simple.

We are taught that sacrificing your happiness, your time, your dreams for others is the highest form of good.

But what if this is wrong?

What if the highest form of good comes from being ‘selfish’?

What if the greatest good you can do for others comes from allowing your light to shine, by giving the world the very best of you, by doing the things that fill you up instead of empty you out.

Have you ever considered how rarely you are able to give yourself, those you love and the wider world THE BEST OF YOU, instead of simply what you have left, because you haven’t taken the time, you haven’t been ‘selfish’ enough to ensure you are energised, fresh, well rested, emotionally, physically and emotionally?

Do you still want your partner, your children, YOU, to almost never see you at your best?

You cannot help others if you have nothing left to give. If you’ve emptied yourself out, given up on your dreams. No emotion, no joy, no energy, no SENSE that you have anything left worth giving.

And if like most of the world, you tie yourself esteem into the act of sacrifice, if you think that sacrificing yourself makes you a good person, what you’re really saying is that your life, your needs, your desires have no value.

And if everyone follows this model of sacrificing themselves and never being able to give the best of themselves, the amount of good in the world grows smaller every day.

Whereas if you prioritise yourself, help yourself first, make your own life amazing and then show others that path, you’re bringing an incredible amount of joy into the world.

And it expands as each new person is inspired by your example.

So it’s not just OK to be selfish. It’s actually the way you give your best to the world.


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