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Worry Is Worshipping The Problem

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2020

Do you worry?

And more importantly have you (unconsciously) decided to label yourself a ‘worrier’?

Most people worry by default. It is a reflex action, a habit.

When something happens or indeed even when nothing at all happens they instinctively and without thought start to worry about it.

They examine and explore, often in great detail, all the possible ways things could go ‘wrong’, could turn out ‘badly’.

This isn’t what definitely WILL happen, just what COULD happen.

Some people go so far as to think it is RESPONSIBLE to worry. That by some karmic hidden hand, they will suffer and things will go wrong if they don’t worry.

This is not only completely insane but incredibly toxic and damaging thinking.

They are literally programming their subconscious minds, their incredible creation machines, to seek out and create more things to worry about.

Remember our minds are perceptual machines. What we feed them with emotion becomes the filter they use to see the world.

So by focussing your thoughts and emotions on what could go wrong, your subconscious mind filters into your perception more and more things that ‘could go wrong’.

Imagine if instead when a challenge hits, that you stilled your mind and got conscious and in control of your thoughts.

And then directed your incredible subconscious mind to consider of all the ways that the situation you’re facing could work out for the BEST?

To consider all the way in which the problem COULD get solved and could be incredible for your life.

Not definitely will, just could.

Imagine if instead of using your incredible power to find more things that could go wrong, you use it to find more way you life works out for the best no matter what.

When I mention this to people they say (without consideration and with no sense of irony) that I’m being unrealistic. 

As if the only ‘realistic’ option is to consider and focus on the negative.

And then they wonder why things aren’t working out well.

You have a choice about how you use the incredible power you have been given. To create what you desire or to create that which you don’t.

What will you choose today?


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